There can be no true despair without hope

bane quote

Quoted by Bane in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Simple but very profound statement!

Technically this statement can’t be true because despair is by definition the absence of hope so the two cannot coexist but intuitively speaking this statement is very true indeed.

You see despair can be felt on different levels.

It’s one thing to feel a vague despair, never really hoping or expecting much in the first place but to have known hope – fervent hope – then had that hope crushed before your eyes or pulled out from under you is torture to the soul; it not only takes despair to a completely new level but it takes something away from you – a piece of you – that you will never get back!

This level of despair grows so deep that you can feel it in your bones; it becomes so intense and distinct that nothing in life will be the same ever again. You see this level of despair – true despair – is what I believe Bane is talking about. I also believe that it is incomprehensible to most people. When you feel true despair you’ve reached it at its core; you feel despair to its highest degree.

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